Only Until You Do It

You only wonder “how can I do it?” until one day you do.

  • You fear public speaking until one day you step on the stage
  • Cold calling gives you chills only until you dial some numbers
  • You dread a new job role until you figure your parts of work

And mostly, you discover that you’re good at doing stuff.

Although certain activities made you sweat and nervous, you realize that they don’t bother you after you get used to them.

That’s a great thing.

Despite how we imagine dreadful scenarios about what can go wrong, it helps to recall the past successes that we’ve had.

That anxiety only remains until we live in our heads – but after everything’s done and dusted, you fathom your potential. You come to know how you weren’t so incapable, but you were merely holding back.

Then, you yearn to do more.