Plans Will Fail

I started this year with a determination to read more. I finished two reading books last month. And I finished reading another one yesterday.

I’m reading Thinking Fast and Slow since it’s been on my reading list for a while.

So, I decided that if I read about two chapters a day then I’d be able to finish the book in 19 days (since it has 38 chapters).

How practical is that? That’s not a tough target, considering how fast some people can glaze over books and end them in a couple of days. Even a slow reader like me who chews words can do it.

But practical doesn’t mean possible

You see, we can only reasonably assume that things will go our way and hope that the plan doesn’t take weird turn.

Yet, that’s rare because things go wrong.

In my case, I’ve got stuff to do and this post to write. I didn’t complete my two chapters yesterday as I dedicated the evening to learning a course that I’d put on hold.

Right there ended the streak.

So, what does one do after that?

Not let the temporary interruption change the plan for sure.

I’ll start with the same schedule again tomorrow – read my two chapters and continue. Perhaps, open another book.

And it must usually be the scenario for all our big and small plans – to continue despite a few temporary breakdowns and obstacles.