Preparing Now, Doing Later

Sure, you have things that you’ve put on hold – all the unexecuted plans await. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t move or plan from wherever you are.

Do whatever is in your capacity, and then you can reap the benefits when you finally execute your plans in a full-fledged way.

  • What if you don’t have gear for making videos? You can learn stuff about cinematography
  • What if you don’t know the technical stuff about blogging? You can read articles to familiarize yourself
  • What if you don’t have enough money to start a business? You can talk to people and educate yourself

The bigger point is to not stop.

It’s often easy to convince ourselves to stay where we are. To say that we won’t move forward until we have access to a certain resource, or until a certain event occurs.

But we can’t just keep waiting after all

We must begin wherever we are.

We must keep moving.

We can prepare now so that we feel worthy when what we desire is finally presented to us.