The Charm of Randomness

We’re in search of the unanticipated.

I believe that randomness is an essential part of what makes radio channels interesting. Similarly, that’s what happens when you shuffle channels on television until something catches your attention.

However, does Netflix or Prime cast the same charm? Sure, they have entertaining content and enough choices but … they’re too obvious.

The browsing gets boring eventually and feels like you’re contained in a virtual box of limited options. Soon, you’re faced with the nothing-to-watch situation.

That virtual box resembles the world inside our heads, which we don’t want to stay in forever. We’re trying to escape that.

What does that mean?

I believe that in general, we tend to voluntarily seek randomness, mysteries and even expect to get surprised.  

We get tired of making choices for ourselves and knowing what we’ll get, hence we crave the unexpected. Our explorative side refuses to be contained in sameness.

Which brings us to the following realization:

Life’s often better without plans, when you stumble across what you didn’t ask for, or when you’re introduced to perspectives that you hadn’t come across.

Randomness brings a newness that shatters our existing walls of awareness and takes us closer to newer dimensions of the world.

I trust that we are all unknowingly waiting for life to move, ruffle the repetitiveness in our lives, and open our world to an unpredictable magnificence.

And while that seems quite impractical, we’ll somehow keep waiting here to be touched by the charm of randomness, eternally.