What does it take to perform better, or even exceptionally?

A bit of rehearsal.

  • Acting like you’re presenting to a client while you’re alone
  • Presenting to an imaginary audience before a speech/pitch
  • Roleplaying and imitating the job that you aspire for
  • Living like you’re already at a certain stage in life

This stuff may seem dumb – imitating, doing dummy jobs, or visualizing stuff in your head. But it does work and I believe in it. It might as well be among tasks the 20% stuff that does wonders and actually has an impact.

Most people might skip it due to disinterest or laziness. They might not prefer going the extra mile or even push beyond the lines they’ve defined, giving up any extra practicing.

But the moment you do that, you’re ahead by some points, even when you’re just competing against yourself.

Shedding a few extra drops of sweat or keeping your butt in the chair a bit longer … that’s the secret to better work. It’s not even hard work, just some extra work.

Everyone can afford to do that. But the bigger question is, who really does? That’s what makes the difference.