On Rejected Ideas

I think about the ideas that are overlooked or fall flat.

Although we present whatever we create with the best of our abilities, it’s fair to assume that people have their own filters.

They treat our words and thoughts differently and interpret them with their own lenses.

They might like a trashy thing that you’re not sure about. Or they may toss aside something you had put your soul in.

The reason?

Here’s why I think usually happens: by the time our figments of imagination travel through the ether and reach others, our ideas aren’t seen the way we did anymore.

That makes a point

It’s not the good ideas that usually get accepted.

Then what gets accepted?

Whatever we believe in, take accountability for, explain passionately, and defend … by standing our ground. Also, enthusiasm is treated as a sign that you can turn even an average idea into a great one.

Most people don’t pushback to see their ideas survive, or they’re simply too vulnerable, which is equivalent to weakness when it comes to selling ideas.

In this case, I know that I’ve been in the same boat, and I acknowledge that I ought to be working on this aspect of my work.