What Self-Realization Probably Feels Like

This simple text, for me, sums up what self-realization probably feels like. It sets a benchmark and acts as a reminder to simply be ourselves, especially in times when we’re always trying to be people-pleasing.

It’s from a letter that Bill Hicks shared eight months before he succumbed to Pancreatic cancer at the age of 32.

I first got to know about Hicks from the comic on Zenpencils called It’s just a ride (must absolutely check it out). Then I bought his book, Love All the People. Since then, I’ve read and re-read these lines often:

Here’s what Hicks wrote:

“… But, here’s the good news – I finally realised who it is I am, and I no longer chase the carrot (tops), and I have no more hoops to jump through. I only have things to share with those you are willing or interested.

Let me tell you what a relief it is to finally know who you are!

The weight of the world has literally been lifted from my shoulders, and now I see new hope and new happiness being born everyday. And, strangely enough, new opportunities are coming at me all the time. (‘Be yourself and all else will follow.’) It’s really that easy. And what effort does it take to be yourself?”

– From Love All the People: Lyrics, Letters Routines

What makes it convincing though is the transformation that Bill Hicks went through personally – from being an offensive jerk (or rather a shaman) to revealing the softer, vulnerable side of himself.

So, what does such self-realization bring? Weightlessness and relief I imagine, and a lot of peace.