Showing Up When You Don’t Feel Like it

Work isn’t always fun, even when you do the one thing that you love the most in this universe. You lose joy, it gets tiring.

It comes to a halt.

You wonder where all the enthusiasm disappeared. The passion within you takes a break. So, how you rekindle that spark?

Do one little thing

Find the smallest thing that you’re capable of doing and do it.

  • Don’t want to write a short story? Write a six-word story
  • Can’t start the research? Find an important statistic
  • Does the blank page scare you? Draw only the outline

Little acts are brilliant. A tiny act sets you in action. It shatters your resistance.

Showing up isn’t about winning, but rather it’s about doing something to keep faith in your work. An attempt to remain courageous when you’re surrendering to fear.

These little movements set the momentum that takes your forward in the long run. You don’t have to win, just keep moving.