What Social Media Doesn’t Show

Social media doesn’t show you how crumbled people are. Or how messed up all families are. It simply shows you that lovely façade – the one that you use to comprehend this world.  

It’ll show you some passionate backpackers, an old classmate laughing with a cup of latte, best of friends meeting at fast food joints, and those perfect families that seem to never have heated conversations.

And yet, how real is all that?

The pointlessness of it

Social media can be pretentious and fake – a place where humblebrag posts are served with inspirational captions, and where selfies are posted daily to seek validation. It’s not hard to figure what goes on there.

It’s not real.

The larger point

While we let ourselves be influenced by social media and even use it to benchmark our happiness and aspirations, it’s too utopic.

Social media can make you crave non-existent perfection, thereby filling you with needless insecurities, anxiety, and toxicity. As you use it more, you may even conclude that your life isn’t good enough.

But while you browse those cheerful candids, isn’t it worth questioning where all the sad and the flawed people disappeared? They’re the same people, living between these two real and virtual ends of the spectrum.

The truth? Always disguised.