When It Stops Feeling Easy

You’re free to choose a way out of love and passion – but what do you do when the difficulty escalates?

Not everything remains the same always, and soon you face a tricky part of your work. You realize that what you love can also be difficult.

Does that throw you into a weird dilemma?

It’s easy to love something when you’re at square one.

But as you go on and become familiar with your responsibilities, you witness the chaos and the hardships.

Unexpected challenges fall into your lap and your limits are stretched far beyond your comfort zone.

Then, you might think about whether you deserve that confusion or not. You may rethink the stand you took. Is that going to be worth it?

That dilemma … is rather a good sign

Although a bit challenging, it shows that you’re capable of grasping what works and what doesn’t.

You can see what your limitations are and assess your abilities, which reveals to you what you ought to be working on.

And most importantly, you come to know that your pursuit isn’t trivial and is surely worth your attention and effort. Now whether you panic or get excited … that’s another thing.