The Short List of Irrelevant Life Tips

Here’s a quick list of irrelevant life tips that I absolutely believe in. They have either made me extremely happy, moved me in many ways, or have been useful at a certain point in life.  

Try them, maybe?

  1. Get a fountain pen and black ink
  2. Watch Grave of the Fireflies with your parents
  3. Listen to Sasha Sloan’s Older
  4. Listen to River Flows in You at least once
  5. Talk to the elderly about your roots
  6. Backup your photos and work
  7. Learn touch typing
  8. Avoid getting a credit card
  9. Read that Life is no brief candle quote by George Bernard Shaw
  10. Buy secondhand books
  11. Write a letter to your future self
  12. Scribble your thoughts on paper
  13. Visit your native and ancestral place
  14. Email the people whose work you admire
  15. Press Ctrl + S quite often


I may write another list of meaningful stuff, too, someday. Meanwhile, you dig your feelings to understand yourself better. What was something that left a lasting impact on you? Treasure that.