They’re All Figuring it Out

People start out as clueless folks and then learn to do things anyway.

You may look at your parents and think they’ve mastered a lot of adult responsibilities.

Seeing your seniors effortlessly execute jobs gives you the appearance that they’re prodigies at what they do.

Witnessing speakers who express themselves impeccably might seem to be naturally great to you.

Or perhaps, the people that you admire and idolize might seem talented and … unbelievably gifted. 

But are they?

Honestly, not really.

I believed in stuff like ‘naturally great’ and ‘talented’ for a short while, but I realized it early that most of our capabilities are a result of consistent efforts and practice.

So, nothing is as complicated as it might seem initially. Most people never had a grip when starting out – they were likely clueless, unable to figure what to do, but still prepared to put in the work.

In short, your parents certainly had their own struggles, and your heroes were anxious interns once. But they made themselves believe that they could do it.