Transferred Values

Washing dishes early can make it easier for you to write.

Similarly, meditating daily can help your decrease your screen time. Or quitting the habit of nail-biting can help you save money consistently.


There’s nothing weird about it though

All aspects and dimensions of our personality are interconnected – much like a web of strings.

A change in one dimension of life also affects the approach that we follow in some other facet of life. Every string, whenever pulled, passes on its effect.

Hence the decisions that we take also act like foundational bricks in the formation of our character and outlook.

It’s kind of a chain reaction

Whether our efforts are aimed towards developing discipline, courage, or self-restraint – our attitude in one part of life causes an impact in other parts of life.

And that’s a beneficial phenomenon because any step that you take towards betterment eventually contributes to your holistic growth.  

For instance, before I committed to writing 50 posts recently, I had been doing ten pushups every day for about six months. I believe that the discipline from that activity led me to experiment with my writing.

Our brain is sometimes tricky in a good way

It figures out what we’re capable of doing, it discovers gaps in life that we need to work, and then it challenges us. “Can you do this one now?”

Say yes.

Try anyway.

Doing so will do good to some remote corner of your heart and your capabilities will shoot up.