So, When Do We Really Grow Up?

My cousin and I were talking about it the other day, about how we feel younger than our actual age.

After a brief conversation, we concluded (and admitted) that I’m mentally stuck at the age of 21 though I’m 25 and he still feels like he’s 23 at the age of 29.  

I had a similar conversation with my school friends when we met about a month ago. We’re still getting used to adulting – feeling like our body is a dummy being operated by our younger selves.

The reasons for feeling like could be plenty

Yet, one reason for this is that we often go through a period of extended adolescence and face responsibilities late.

But then we somehow realize that we ought to grow up – but we don’t know how.

Few years swoosh by the time we figure what the heck is happening. And I think that period of confusion and indecision eats up a major chunk our early adulthood – which probably makes us feel like we’re still where we were.

For me, that meant a five-year gap between my actual age and how I feel. The number could be different for you.

I particularly like this thread on Reddit where people share the experiences when they first realized that they aren’t kids anymore – and I love that so much because of the truth and relatability.

Hopefully, conversations like that make it easier for us to accept ourselves as we are. But that still doesn’t eliminate the anxiety-inducing question i.e. When do you really grow up? I wrote a long post about it earlier.

Today, I found this YouTube video that suggests a truth or two about growing up in a spot-on manner. And the best thing about it is that it’s an ad; a lovely one.