Working for It and Hoping It Will Happen

You play your part, honestly. You think you’ll get noticed. And you wait.

For others to see that you’re a nice and deserving person, to get you share to recognition … and then you realize something.

You’re almost invisible.

All that you do, perhaps, isn’t as important as you thought it is. And although that’s a hard fact to swallow, you understand it.


But that poses another question which is, what more can you do to get what you deserve, apart from hoping and praying?

Your hopes and aspirations don’t stay quiet and they always nudge you to figure why you’re not reaching where you ought to be.

So, what can you do to “get there”?

  1. Prepare. Become worthy to be able to receive.
  2. Believe. That you’re deserving of what you desire.
  3. Ask. For what you believe is for you.

Too simplistic? Yes, it is.

But somewhere inside, this is often all that we struggle with, and what creates a subtle glass shield between us and what’s meant to be ours.