Would You Still Do It?

To find out whether you love what you do, ask yourself: would you do it if you had everything you’ve wished for?

I keep going back and forth to these questions. I ask myself often, “Do I love what I do?” Or “Do I still care about it?” I try to give answers that aren’t twisted.

… that eases things a little

The endless conversations about finding your passion (or dreams) mostly don’t help. They don’t suddenly fill you with purpose. The confusion still lingers in your head.  

At such time, when you’re directionless but have the courage to change, the ‘would you still do it’ question helps. “What’s that?” I sense you ask.


You’re doing what you do.

But …

Nobody would pat your back. The spotlight wouldn’t shine on you. The uncertainty about success would remain. You don’t get to brag about it on Instagram. And there’s no race to be won, no accolades to prove your worth.

Would you still do it?

You can feel a spark or dullness – right there is your answer.

I’d happily write. I’d still work in advertising. I’d want to keep watching documentaries. I’d cycle sometimes. I’d do those things for myself, purely for the love of it.

As Charles Bukowski said, “… if you have to try to try, if you have to try to care about something or have to try to want something, perhaps you don’t care about it, and perhaps you don’t want it.”

You love something when you do it for nothing.