Writing With Hands

Writing down your feelings with a pen on paper is probably among the most soul-fixing things you can do – I love it.

Why does it work? Because you’re required to jot down your raw emotions with conviction and without tricking yourself. In a way, any ink that’s poured on the paper must convey a truth about yourself and the flow of thoughts within you.

So, there’s less space left for self-delusion, getting lost in a mental fog, or the chances of your being unable to clearly express your thoughts.

In a way, writing on paper is equivalent to therapy. It feels less artificial and animated than typing. And it washes internal burdens and heals easily.

Its benefits? Evidence suggests that writing with hands improves mental health, fosters clarity of thoughts, has certain benefits over typing, and makes you happier.

But it doesn’t take any research paper or data to tell you what works for you. If writing adds serenity to your life, you’d know.

I strongly believe that it works

It’s rare that I emphasize so much on anything – but that’s the case here. This practice is close to my heart so…I’ll endorse it.

The fountain pen I used to write the draft for this post today – it’s been two years since I’ve bought it. It’s an okayish plastic piece that has lost its silver color.

But I admire it, because it sustains the enthusiasm of wanting to write, making me more likely to do it.

And I believe everyone must have an inclination towards journaling, brain-dumping, or writing of some kind to deal with emotions.

I know that we feel vulnerable while penning down what we carry in our hearts. We fear giving our thoughts a form – because doing so bares us.

But the resulting satisfaction of writing is greater than any insecurities that might be holding you back.

It’s going to be worth it

I don’t know what having written feels like to anybody else, but for me, it mixes the feeling of opening up a repressed heart, concluding unfinished business, and not minding what happens next (because of feeling more prepared).

It’s easier to discuss our truths with ourselves and close certain chapters and move on in life by simply writing manually more often.