You Don’t Have to Show

People feel vulnerable about displaying their work publicly – so they never start. But you don’t necessarily have to create only to be popular on YouTube or to become an Instagram celebrity.

You can do it quietly, too.

Publicly exhibiting your work is an option – it’s not mandatory. Instead, creating is what decides whether you’ll improve your craft.

You might feel that you have an unphotogenic face and avoid making videos. Or maybe your cringey voice makes you delay starting a podcast. Perhaps, you imagine how embarrassing it would be to be noticed by strangers.

And that’s fair enough

Not everyone wants to share half-baked or mediocre content that makes others judge them.

At the same time, it can be frustrating when months pass and nothing really happens. You still stuck at square one, contemplating your actions.

You want to create.

So, what do you do?  

Do it without showing.

Create a video on your phone every week. Experiment with voice clips. Write a couple of drafts in a word file. The condition? None of it has to go public.

While the world has made it a culture to ‘create it to show it,’ it’s pretty fine to do it without getting noticed till you progress, too.

Not all creators seek validation or fame. Some just want to better the craft, or do it for the joy they get from doing something until they’re finally ready to announce their work.

Remember, creating and showing are two different things. You can make stuff however you want and do what you’re in love with. Broadcasting and publishing? Whenver you feel ready.