Zero Social Media

Using social media despite its frequently mentioned perils only worsens our wellness. This year I finally grew tired of turning a blind eye to this fact – so I deleted some accounts.

Now I don’t want to act like a complete Luddite or pretend to be a smart chap by suggesting that you do the same. Maybe social channels work for you. They have a shimmering side, too.

But here’s the thing

Although we like to think that we use social sites for the community and love them and because we find support – the fact remains we’re stuck in a trap sometimes and find it hard to escape.

So, we simply say that we like it there.

But do we?

Personally, I discovered I could invest my energy in stuff that matters to me. I also have become averse to the endless debates and posts that don’t really connect with me. I crave no likes.

For now, I have no intention of going back. Sure, I risk being the guy with a smaller network. Or perhaps, it has its drawbacks, and as some would say I’m more likely to get forgotten and all that stuff.

I’m cool with it.