Why I Wrote a Hundred Blog Posts

What you’re reading right now is the completion of the 100-day blogging streak that I had started last year.

The task was simple: to write and publish a fresh blog post every day for hundred days.

So, why do that?

Why write hundred posts at all?

Here’s my honest list of reasons:

  1. To check if I could. I wasn’t used to writing consistently and I wanted to see if I could improve that.
  2. To show up. Because I didn’t want to consider myself incapable of publishing and shipping every day.
  3. To be imperfect. I’m usually careful and obsessed with my work, so I wanted to break that pattern.
  4. To escape the validation-trap. I hoped to write for writing itself, without worrying about the pats and likes and traffic.
  5. To break the pace. And to shatter my comfort zone by ideating more and dedicating some hours to writing each day.
  6. To experiment. By shifting the pattern of writing occasionally to something more fast-paced and demanding.
  7. To imitate. In a way, to find out how Seth Godin, John Saddington, and other bloggers feel.
  8. To be disciplined. As opposed to treating writing as a less serious hobby (it matters immensely).

Has it been worth it? Yes, I have enough reasons for that.

For instance, I developed a sort of evening writing ritual during this time, and I wrote with the required brevity.

But then another question arises, which is, why stop it if it’s been so great?

And why just a hundred days?

I believe it’s essential to share my reasons for stopping this streak. I could’ve reached a classic one year, then why not?

Here are my reasons for the same:  

  1. This work is consuming. I put about 2-3 hours every day to write and edit, and that hasn’t been so effortless.
  2. I’ve got my answers. I’ve realized most outcomes that I wanted to experience through this practice.
  3. Refining writing. I want to write deeply about topics by putting in the required thought and time.
  4. To do new stuff. It’s time for me to replace the same set of hours with other pursuits and activities.  

That’s a brief overview of what this one has been all about.

I’ve written more posts than I did in the past, discovered a way to write without being all too serious, and managed to stay disciplined all this while.

I feel closer to words again.