Create Now

Create Now

“Don’t be clever. Or perfect. Be clumsy and let your hands craft whatever they’re capable of. One day you will master your work. But for now, create.”

And give it your best shot.

Why? The reasons are simple.

  • You won’t have a ton of time later
  • Your opportunities are temporary
  • What you take for granted would disappear
  • The perfection you crave wouldn’t arrive
  • Breaking resistance surpasses planning
  • Shipping frequently beats careful steps
  • It take courage to show up

The moral? Create now.

Create whenever you can. Conquer your work. Give it the attention it deserves. Eventually, you’d get better. At least, better than you thought.

You may not become the best or make something you can brag about. But you’d be proud of your honest work. You’d find contentment and peace.

And maybe, each time you create, you’d get closer to achieving what you’ve been working so hard for. What you’ve been wishing for. When you drench your work with enough love and effort, it prevails.

So create something.

Create now.