A Life Not Uploaded

We haven’t been posting online since forever. You see, we were probably doing other stuff and we had a life earlier, but the pressure of uploading everything wasn’t so extensive.

  • How was it when we talked but forgot to click photos?
  • How was it when we listened attentively and didn’t pose for candids?
  • How was it when we were idiots but kept that side of ours reserved?

Well, things aren’t the same anymore – but there was a charm to it

While we live publicly (on social sites) and give away bits of information about what we’re up to – we somehow nullify our chances of having deeper conversations, leaving nothing to be explored.

Posting online can be a nice way to capture memories because your timeline acts as a digital logbook. I appreciate the joy that comes from sharing stuff. That’s one of the reasons why I write on this blog.

But although we’re connected, we find it hard to relate with others and often get entangled in awkward silences. We see each other’s’ posts and think ‘oh wow, we’re social and connected.’

Are we?

Personally, I think there’s a certain appeal to living without publicly displaying every moment.

While it’s almost impossible to do nowadays, we can reserve times for it. We can still have conversations and click pictures.

But what if we leave out the part where we show others what happened? It’s valued, treasured, and remembered without any dilution.