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What We Say…is Probably What Matters to Us

More than often my words turn into a kind of soliloquy, because the things I say to others are mostly what I had been dying to tell myself.


Growing Up is Exploration; Adulting is About Connecting the Dots

I turned 25 last year. And 25 is a weird age to hit. It brings along a mini existential crisis while those around you are still congratulating you.


No Silver Bullets

Silver Bullet Syndrome is the belief that the next big change in tools, resources, or procedures will miraculously or magically solve all of an organization’s problems. [Source]


Comes at Risk of Being Boring

Recently I was reevaluating what matters to me and figuring how ways to make time for activities that I want to do.


Choosing Intuition Over Indulgence

“When a person can’t find a deep sense of meaning, they distract themselves with pleasure.” – Victor Frankl


Excess Positivity: Kind of Garbage

Toxic Positivity

You’ve probably heard that excess of anything is bad. Sugar, phone usage, or leg exercises. And so is excess positivity.