And Then What?

It’s easy to look at short-term circumstances and decide what we want from life.

You might even dream about things that are way beyond your reach when you’re excessively troubled.

You may suppose that money can dissolve all your pains when you’re deep in debt. You may assume that an empathetic partner can magically wash away your sufferings. You may try curing your broken self-esteem with materialistic pleasures.

But does that work?

Let’s say you get what you wanted, but will that mend the gaps in your life?

Since we all imagine certain ideal scenarios in our heads that can make our lives perfect, we can assume for a moment that we’ve “arrived.”

But that will be followed by another question: … and then what?

I believe answering that is more important than searching for ideal circumstances in life.

Here’s the point

Our milestones are often nothing more than milestones. Our aspirations work like distractions. But it’s always the journey that matters.

Or in other words, this everyday life is probably what you call life and not the one that you fantasize about (that’s a reminder for myself).

And while we spend enough time contemplating what we want, it would sensible if we asked ourselves how we would want to feel and what would we want to work on for the rest of our lives.

We might just get where we wanted.

And then what?