Be More Vulnerable

“Maybe the world doesn’t need as many idols and success stories. It just wants to feel alright about itself.”

Somewhere inside we all want to reveal our weaknesses and imperfections and yet feel accepted. But we hold back because it’s still a taboo thing to do.

The world would be easier to live in if we could share our insecurities honestly instead of trying so hard to be likable and perfect.

Then, we’d be less desperate about sharing cool pictures or trying to prove that we’re happy all the time. Instead, we’d be having philosophical conversations, or at least we’d be spending less time impressing others.

The need for vulnerability

You’ve experienced how it feels awkward in a setting where you can’t be yourself, or where you’re forced to keep up an image.

But when you free yourself from that social burden of keeping up appearances or tell a truth about yourself, you don’t really have much to hide or fake.

Similarly, when we dare to be vulnerable and show that we aren’t afraid to be who we are, we make a statement. “See, you didn’t have to be perfect to be loved or accepted.”

You can begin somewhere

Share some truth that you’ve been concealing. Or an embarrassing weakness that shows your softer, human side. Dare to be vulnerable yourself.

When you do that, the people around you feel less ashamed about sharing their hardships. They don’t hold back from asking for help. They don’t hesitate to reach out to you when they’re broken inside.

Life’s tough for all of us and we all act like we’re doing fine. But when we’re vulnerable, we surrender to whatever our lives are like and we let go of the pretense – that frees us as well as others.