Now, Let’s Be Sad

“Sadness isn’t bad. It’s just an emotion, a real one. And it’s as normal as happiness. I hope we understand this better.”

Nowadays, all our surroundings overwhelmingly urge us to remain happy. Whether you open your Instagram feed or randomly pick up a self-help book, you’ll be asked to experience only joy, all the time.  

That’s wrong.

No, not the happiness part, but the way we treat sadness as something bad. Preventing people from being sad causes an unbearable emotional trauma and it makes them think something’s wrong with them. This makes them think everyone in this world is brimming with joy and they’re the only ones suffering.

But when did sadness become a taboo?

Although discussions about happiness are fair since life’s not meant to be dull, denying sadness is painfully damaging.

It prevents us from dealing with our emotional issues and holds us back from admitting our sufferings. And the harm only worsens over time. Sadness should be accepted and treated normally again.

In short, if somebody wants to cry, let them. At the same time, be there for them. We all fall, sob, and rise. It keeps happening. Sadness is a part of that chain. Let’s not make it strange.

Now, let’s be sad

Because, as humans, we should accept sadness instead of shunning it.  

It’s impossible to stay happy 24X7. Even if one can, it would be meaningless, because sadness is an emotion that guides us, makes us more human.

Sadness reminds us of what matters to us. It tells us what’s wrong and needs to be fixed. It reveals the weaknesses we need to work on.

The conclusion?

We’re all humans.

Humans can be sad.

And they should be allowed to be, freely. Let’s learn to be alright with sadness.