Because Somebody Must

Somebody must get their hands dirty when nobody else volunteers.

Somebody must go stretch harder and examine details so that others can be careless.

Somebody must do the brainwork first so that others can take a breather.

Somebody must act responsibly so that others can be irresponsible like kids.

Somebody must slog harder for others to have a good weekend.

Somebody must stay sober while others get drunk to drive them to their homes.

Somebody must throw the trash to keep the world looking clean.

Somebody must do what nobody’s willing to do because that’s what runs the world.

That’s boring in a way, you know. Nothing much interesting about being the quiet one who rescues the world from its little troubles.

But that’s also heroic. You can feel like Batman standing in the twilight, even if that costs many personal sacrifices. 

Has its own pros and cons.

And it’s always a choice.