Becoming Almost Invisible

I used to do that. Uploaded statuses to show how witty I was, shared images to show that I was living a good life. Well, just the usual stuff that all social media users do.

But nowadays, I find the desire of letting go of attention only growing – although I don’t precisely know why that is or what its consequences could be (in terms of socializing, networking, and stuff).

Perhaps, I don’t want to be another individual in the humblebragging crowd, or maybe I’m fatigued by constant emotional stimulation that serves no purpose really.

Questioning the intent

I think about uploading status on messaging platforms, pause, and then question what purpose it really serves. Or even before I share, I think what’s the point of it.

This approach seems a bit extreme in a world where breakfast clicks and bathroom selfies are so common.

But for the time being, I can’t help but wonder, “how important is it for me to do the next attention-demanding activity?” The answer is this: probably not much.

I quit social media months ago, for good. I realized that it’s been nice, especially now that I’ve been away from it for so long. Currently, I like this quietness, and it continues to draw me in.

Here’s what I’m realizing

It’s usually tough to assess how a delusion affects you as long as you’re stuck in it.

And the only way to check whether it’s affecting you or not is to walk away from it. I walked away…to see what that does.