The Best Way to Make Life Easier

The best way to make life easierLife is hard sometimes. Far more complicated than we think.

It’s rumpled and tangled; beyond imagination.

The plans you make turn out to be laughable when a catastrophe strikes you. A disheartening event is enough to snatch a smile off your face. A loss can make you hopeless.

If you’re a delicate person, a simple thing as words might break you.

When you watch some truths reveal themselves to you each day, life seems like an odd tale no one told you about.

Often, it is a bitter truth. A pathetic joke. Not as soft as you thought it would be.

Or maybe you knew that life isn’t fair but you weren’t prepared to face this truth either.

What others think

I asked my acquaintances to define life in just one word. Here’s how they did it. (I loved hearing the answers from all these creative people. Thanks for helping me out guys, you’re awesome!)

Life is ___.

  • Adventure – Amogh Chivate
  • Amazing – Meghna Wankhede
  • AWESOME – Kenny Vandenberg
  • Beautiful – Harshita Chaudhary
  • Bitch – Manisha Rajotiya
  • Blessing – Lalit Mistry
  • Canvas – Priti Kulkarni
  • Commitment – Sadhana Gaikwad
  • Complicated – Utsah Ostwal
  • Dream – Rushikesh Vaidya
  • Enchanting – Mayur Deshmukh
  • Fabulous – Harikesh Shinde
  • Good – Manisha Gaikwad
  • Journey – Sayalee Raut
  • Mystery – Ravina Suthar

It’s wonderful to see how we all look at life so differently, isn’t it?

However, I learned one simple thing about life while reading all these answers – how we look at life depends on how life happens to us.

Your thoughts about life keep changing. When something great happens to you, you feel blessed to be alive. And when something goes wrong, you see life as a miserable thing. You views about life change as life changes. 

This is what makes life tough

Everything that happens to you changes the way you see life.

As you grow up and find you own ways to deal with difficulties, you begin to see life through your own perspective. The perspective which acts much like a glass only you can see through.

All the events shape you and show you the truths. As you grow up, you find your own ways of living.

However, no matter how you live your life, you’re not much different from others.

You become insecure when you realize that you cannot control everything. Losing teaches you how vulnerable you are.

You notice your fragility when something happens against your will, and your limitations expose your weaknesses.

These are some undeniable truths about life. Learning these truths is what makes life look hard.

Life is meant to be hard

I don’t like to say this either, but yes, life is hard.

Sometimes you’re broke and can’t go on. It becomes hard to hold on to dreams amid a place where hope only decays with each passing day and circumstances force you to quit.

No matter how hard to try to make things happen your own way, there comes a time when you have to realize that you’re not strong enough to control everything.

Sometimes, all you can do is quit and let go.

Though, don’t think that you’re a loser or victim when you’re fighting against the odds.

It’s nothing more than accepting life. With all its flaws and challenges. As it is.

You can only feel joy when you deserve what you get earn your goals with your hard work.

The dreams you wish to pursue come to you only after you’ve made several sacrifices and surrendered yourself completely to them. Pains are always an inseparable part of life.

No matter what your thoughts about an ideal life might be, a part of life always remains irreparable.

Money can’t always bring happiness. Having everything you need doesn’t mean you’ll succeed. Lack of chaos cannot guarantee that you’ll work hard.

Turn around life, change it, fix it – yet it remains as it is.

Maybe you shouldn’t change life. Just adapt yourself to change with it and accept everything that comes on your way.

The best way to make life easier

There’s a way to fix life and ease it forever. To cast away all the confusions, forget all the sorrows and put an end to all the sufferings.

If you wish to improve your life, you can do it at once. Or maybe know how to do it and then improve it slowly. All the answers you seek are already within you.

You don’t need someone else to guide you to do it, or spend money to buy more self-help books.

It isn’t necessary to know what your religion teaches you – you have a tendency which is a wisdom enough. Perhaps, god gave you that tendency.

It’s not that can put an end to your heartbreak, prevent your loved ones from dying or keep yourself from getting broke. Those are the inevitable parts of life.

But there’s something within you which can inspire you to rise again, heal you, and help you to live your life the way you want. Peacefully, happily, and easily. The way you want.

Listen to your feelings.

Your feelings are the untainted truths which come straight from your soul and heart. Listen to them. Don’t manipulate them. Act in accordance with your feelings and your life will be a lot easier.

[ctt template=”3″ link=”iKtUa” via=”no” ]“Listen to whatever your feelings say; they barely lie.”[/ctt]

This is how life happens

All the mysteries about life are often simple. The great things you behold don’t have any secrets.

If you pay close attention, you’ll learn that the actions of people are often a manifestation of what they feel.

  • How a passion starts

    No one is born with his passion already known to him. He finds it when he listens to the voices that guide him from within.

    Finding your passion depends on you. Either you can choose to suppress what your heart tells you by being practical, or choose a path which leads you towards your goals. Your choices make you.

    When you were a child and thought about painting, maybe you should have kept painting. But since you didn’t, you never became a painter.

    If you would’ve have listened to your heart, you could have become a painter along with doing your day job.

    The world doesn’t have power to keep you from following your passions, you do that by holding yourself back.

    If you still have a passion, it might be a good thought to act on it again. You might fail, but that won’t be a shameful thing. At least you’ll have tried.

  • How you learn truths

    Life is often spent in pretending.

    The more you pretend to others and to yourself, the farther you’re dragged from the truths.

    If you keep pretending for too long you lose your identity and feel lost.

    Others’ appreciation may be fake, your accomplishments won’t necessarily make you happy, and living the conventional life isn’t the only destiny you have.

    However, if you seek the truth, you may find what you want.

    When you realize that you were living a life you knew less about, you find truth. You can either choose the path of truth, or get back to the same old worn out life.

    That moment is precious when you find a truth about yourself. It’s like a fine line which can take you away from the world you live in to the world you want to live in.

    If you have enough courage, you cross to the other side. If you hesitate don’t and your life remains the same. It’s up to you.

  • How you become wise

    Wisdom. No one actually knows where to get it.

    Everyone is trying hard though. To be wise, mature, and become someone who can prevent making mistakes in life. All wish to be the guy who doesn’t stumble in the walk of life.

    But you only become wise when you learn from your own lessons.

    Learning from others’ mistakes doesn’t always work. You need to make your own mistakes. Those are the only best teachers. Even if you don’t make them, they happen to you.

    Mourn, cry, grieve, and let go. Make a mistake, learn from it and move on. That’s the only wisdom there is.

    The moment you understand what went wrong and decide to fix it, you become wise. When you find out enough fixes, you grow wiser. 

  • How adversities make you

    We all have our own hell to deal with.

    You may have suffered a lot, spent days in isolation, and reminisced your regrets.

    Hardships get to everyone. They’re inescapable.

    But there’s a good thing about them. They help you in getting your life back on track. You only fear those hard knocks in life as long as you’re safe.

    Once you become vulnerable and weak, you stop running away from what dreads you. You don’t fear, you don’t hide – you tackle.

    Adversities change you. Your desire to escape the adversities molds you into someone better than before.

  • How you find love

    You discover that you’re being loved when you’re accepted by others.

    The people who love you don’t judge or change like the rest of the world. They accept you with all your flaws, and with them, you feel valued.

    Love makes you honest, open and truthful. Love turns you into a better person. When you love people – you grow.

    You become capable of making sacrifices, you work harder for whom you care, and above all, the love you have in your part of life is enough to inspire you.

    No one falls in love by choice; it’s your heart and feelings that always take you to the right people.

  • How innovations are done

    Innovations are done when you wish to make a change or try to find a purpose behind all that happens.

    The habit of innovating and simplifying things is like an itch that doesn’t go away until it’s scratched.

    Most of the innovation comes out of dissatisfaction. Innovations are done by the people who cannot sit still.

    They want to simplify what they know can be simplified. They don’t settle with inconvenience – they wreck it.

    Isaac Newton could have ignored the apple, Archimedes could have stayed in the bathtub, Steve Jobs could have followed the norms – but they didn’t.

    Once an idea to innovate something strikes you, you can either find a purpose in it and reveal something great, or plainly ignore your feelings.

  • How dreams are accomplished

    Pursuing dreams is a crazy thing.

    It’s about believing when you have no reason to believe, choosing hope over probability, and working on what doesn’t make sense.

    When you have a dream, you work even when the chances of your success are zilch.

    You deal with the unimaginable and try to subdue your limitations. You risk all that you have and give all that you can.

    Nothing is assured either. You might fail, you may get nothing out of your work, or you may even have to deal with misery. Yet you go on.

    Dreaming makes you selfless and audacious. You don’t care about what comes on your way or about the circumstances that follow. You’re prepared for everything.

    But then, everything you do pays off.

    The tiny accomplishments, gradual moments of development, and all that you’ve done come together to turn your dreams into a reality. The insensible things start making sense.

    Where does the journey to chasing dreams begin? With the tiny impulses within you which demand you to act.

    If you follow those impulses, you might find your dream, or you can suppress them and pretend like you never felt anything.

Every feeling speaks on your behalf

Here’s a tiny secret – you’re wise. Wiser than you think you are.You have all the knowledge you need to lead a happy life within you.

But you can only realize your wisdom if you listen to your feelings.

If you pretend to be blind to what you feel and can’t hear the voice which your heart keep whispering to you, then you haven’t realized that wisdom yet.

  • Doubts – Your doubts stop you and confuse you. They make you anxious and incapable of making decisions. However, your doubts also form a fine line between your dreams and your limitations. When you abandon your doubts, you find courage.

    Doubting yourself makes you weak, yet, it’s what gives you a reason to find your inner strength. It prepares you for the worst.
  • Love – It’s pure and powerful. Thoughts don’t control it. You don’t make it happen. It happens by itself.

    You love what brings out the best in you. Your possessions, your people, your passion – all of them reflect who you are. Your love for what you do shows the change you want to create.

    Your love for people tells how you want to be treated in life and what others can expect from you.Your dreams, your friends, and your things are what give you a purpose.

    When you have love for nothing in life, you lose your purpose and feel lost. Love is what guides everything. Love is the purpose which inspires us to live.
  • Happiness – It’s more than a curve on your lips. When you’re happy, you express what you want your life to be like.

    Your first paycheck, discussing an old incident with your best-friend, and being with someone you care for – don’t these things make you happy?

    The next time something makes you happy, just understand that it might be something you have been searching for.Do more of what makes you happy. Stay with those who make you happy. Don’t let logic complicate life for you. It’s only your feelings that prove you’re a human.
  • Anger – Your anger is often innocent. At times, brash and violent. But it tells something. All your anger asks for is a change.You get angry yourself when you fail to change your life. Rage takes over you when others don’t act as per your will. You fret at life when it goes against your plans.

    All the anger filled within you is asking for a change. So take control of your life and bring a change instead of fighting with yourself every moment.Let go what doesn’t deserve to stay with you. Be mature. Just because you’re angry sometimes doesn’t mean you’re bad.Anger too is a part of who you are. Find out why you’re angry, change what needs to be changed and accept life. 
  • Guilt – Your guilt makes you feel ashamed. It smashes your self-esteem and reveals the flaws in you. You guilt makes you think of yourself as unworthy.But your guilt is a sign of the goodness within you. You only feel guilty when you admit what you’ve done wrong.Your guilt indicates how sorry you are about what went wrong and it also indicates how willing you are to fix it.Your guilt is what shows that you wish to release the past and hope start a new future.Forgive yourself. Move on. Life gives you enough chances, and your guilt only asks you to rise again.
  • Grief – You cannot appreciate the value of happiness without suffering. Grief makes you aware of truth. If no grief ever touches you, you stay weak and remain unaware about an important part of life.

    Tragedies strike everyone. Everyone has reasons to be sad. Yet, there are some simple lessons hidden behind all these miseries which life teaches us.
  • Hope – It is the silent reason which controls our life each day.

    If there’s one thing which keeps all of us alive, it’s hope. Each day we wake up thinking that something great will happen to us – even when there aren’t many reasons.

    We smile, work hard to get the fruits our persistence, and act with the expectations of getting outcomes. Would we all have done these things if we had no hope in us? No.

    Our hope defends us and prevents us from quitting when we’re at our worst. When we’re clinging to life, hope is what keeps us from falling. 


The best way to ease your life is to live a life based on what you feel. You heart is your best guide and friend.

If you ever find yourself lost or in pain, peek within – there’s always an answer to all the questions which make you restless.

What do you think is the best way to make life easier?

Do you do something to stay at peace amid the chaos of life?

Have you got any thoughts?

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