Can’t Postpone Living

It’s okay to know that you’ll be working and making PPTs for a long time. You’ll pass many of your days waiting for weekends and paydays.

It’s even fine to accept that you don’t have much control over events. But in the end, you must know that you can’t postpone living for too long, right?

  • I’ll be happier when I’ll be wealthy
  • I’ll take a breather after retirement
  • I’ll travel someday, when I’ll have time

Those are usual clichés.

The time for starting, calling, loving, traveling – it must happen, too. How you long do you plan to delay living?

Has to start somewhere

I think about it often, about how I simply let days pass until it begins to bother me.

So, I sit back and think “am I doing what I love?”, “does my heart want me to do any activities?”, “What do I lack or what can make me feel alive?” And then whatever the voice inside me says, I follow that.

Last week I made a simple pencil drawing. Then I went cycling. Today I’m writing.

These are simple things, but they’re the signs that tell me that in the cracks between all the busyness, I’m living for myself, too.