Feeling Important vs. Doing Important

The first one is a shortcut. The latter is worth pursuing.

Feeling important is easy – put on sleek clothes, attend random conferences, visit picturesque places, pose with big shots, and do whatever cliched things you think successful people do.

Doing important is tough – you must slog in solitude, make personal sacrifices, stick around while you struggle, and yet hold on to your pursuits as the world moves on indifferently.  

Show vs. Substance

People often pick ‘feeling important’ over ‘doing important’ because it’s gratifying and glamorous. They can easily project themselves to be more than who they are.

The drawback?

It doesn’t always ensure merit. It polishes your reputation but doesn’t build character. You think you’re ‘getting there’ and yet feel hollow. You look successful but nothing much changes.

The reason? It’s still the work that holds more weight. That makes it quite clear what must be chased. Let’s get busy doing what’s important.