Comes at Risk of Being Boring

Recently I was reevaluating what matters to me and figuring how ways to make time for activities that I want to do.

It’s because I usually think of plans but don’t allocate any exact time for what I wish to do.

And that causes some nice deal of overwhelm

The desire of wanting to do more usually causes a mess.

To give a picture, I have about 5 bookmarked books inside the drawer, I have a book of writing prompts at my right, I expect to ride my bicycle occasionally, and I have enough stuff stacked in my watchlist.

You get it, the typical situation of biting off more than one can chew and then hoping that something works out.

Grr, why it bothers me  

I’m bothered by the thought that I’m not doing enough so I try to do more and then it gets crazy, accepted.

Though, as the realization usually happens, not all commitments or plans can be accomplished unless they’re thoroughly thought through.  

As a result, I pondered what I can eliminate and what I can do. For now, I found a simple conclusion that makes sense.

We can choose a limited set of options

In my case, for example, I could either concentrate on the few things that mattered to me (like reading and completing some pending courses) or chasing what’s considered cool (like using social media often or watching shows to keep up).

Concisely, I can do stuff that makes an impact and overlook the rest. Does it have drawbacks? Yes.

The limited options that we choose also have an undesired consequence

We can either stick with what’s essential, or we can chase what’s deemed cooler can compromise with our plans.

Is there a third way between this? I’d like to be optimistic, too, but usually, the answer is negative.

So, anything that we commit to and requires enough effort also forces us to make sacrifices and lack something else.

Due to this, I’ll often end up doing only a little. But that seems fine as long as I’m progressing.

We sometimes march ahead at the cost of becoming boring. Or, at least at the cost of being seen as boring for a while.