Wait for These Moments

“When we commit to doing anything consistently – whether it’s to meditate every day or blog regularly for a month – we put ourselves in a state where it’s relatively simpler to assess our efforts.”

Then there’s no escaping – no in-betweens.  We’re meant to show up. Every day is a chance to either perform or back out.

At the end of the day, when you’re sitting at your desk or lying in the bed, it isn’t tough to check your effort: you showed up or you didn’t.

But regardless of that day’s outcome, you’ll be presented with another day to do the same thing. It may appear torturous or gratifying – but that’s a good thing, in a way.

Consistency changes us

It makes us do what we presumed we couldn’t. It stretches our limits beyond our imaginary barriers. We triumph often and we fail several times.

But as the circle repeats itself, giving us moments to prove ourselves, we move ahead. We believe a little more in ourselves.

Every time.