5 Straightforward Differences Between Dreams and Illusions

Difference Between Dreams and Illusions

“You may be a passionate dreamer. Or you could be merely lying to yourself. But how do you figure out who you really are? I’ve seen both sides.”

I’ve met people who fantasized about their dreams and never did a thing. I’ve also met ordinary people who slog hard and still dare to grin.

And I see a difference.

Certain characteristics separate them both. Which means that there’s one group of people that’s prepared to sweat and turn its hope into a reality – but the other one is stuck in delusions.

Whether you’re aiming to be the next rockstar, starting the talk-worthy business, or pursuing your education in something, it’s better to ensure that you aren’t tricking yourself.

In short, you need to realize that there’s a fine difference between following your passion (whatever you prefer calling it) and feeding on false expectations. Yet, I feel there are certain pointers that clearly distinguish genuine dreams from false illusions.

Here’s a quick list of differences between dreams and illusions

1. Are you fantasizing or hoping?

A dreamer hopes, but a deluded person fantasizes.

A dreamer takes small steps and goes from one milestone to another, towards a larger vision. Opposite to this, a deluded person merely daydreams about starting someday, without realizing how time passes.

2. Are you thinking of heavens or the work you wish to do?

Everyone wants a glazing car and bundles of money.

So what?

Are you dreaming of the car or rather about the work you’re ought to do? To be honest, materialistic wins can’t really get you too far. It’s more about the effort and willingness to sweat that matters.

3. Have you started working or are you still wondering?

Dreams start somewhere.

Illusions remain trapped by some imaginary fog.

Most people who are passionate about something soon familiarize themselves with the realistic side of their stuff. They start connecting the dots to make things work.

Though, those that are stuck by illusions wish for what they’re not ready to work for. Like, they prefer wishing for the sweet fruit but don’t intend to plant the seed.

4. Do you care about outcomes more than putting in the work?

Dreamers dare to fail.

They laugh at themselves, shake-off the dirt, and still march on.

It’s hard for deluded people to take the same steps, as they would rather not try than choose to fail.

The dreamer is worried about his journey and hustles to go on – but a deluded person would keep gazing at the end, probably without even moving.

5. Do you think of getting better or getting more success?

It’s okay to aim for success.

In fact, it the one thing that makes the most sense.

Still, success cannot drive you by itself. Rather, it’s the urge to do better than you do and your concern for tiny signs of progress. It’s about gradual learning, curiosity, and the intention of prospering.

Who likes failing? Nobody, right? Dreamers understand this really well – so they shift their attention to their work and experience joy. As for the rest, you already everyone’s desperation for success.

That’s sort of everything (almost)

You’d know that fulfilling dreams or following your passion seems like a vague idea that doesn’t even make sense.

Still, if you can grasp the essence of love for work and the willingness to grow, you’d be able to gain the clarity that most fail to recognize.

The steps to getting what you wish for are as simple as not lying to yourself, starting small, and having genuine intentions to grow.