Dissecting Feelings

I get goosebumps when I listen to music, uneasiness covers me when I see tragic movies, or I ponder after reading books that feel like me.  

I explore their effect on me and dig deep into my emotions. I find out some buried feelings.

I’ve realized that it’s a decent practice to analyze feelings when they affect us, even as minute impulses or aches. We often reveal and learn a lot about ourselves by doing that.

Try it maybe

Pay attention to that lovely instrument within: you may call it conscience, intuition, or whatever you prefer. Use it when you feel anything.

You might stumble upon unobvious emotions, like the fear of loneliness, a momentary desire to give up, lack of love, or the determination to rise again. Each of them helps in understanding and moving on.

By doing that merely, you may have better emotional awareness, heal the hurt of pained relationships, or overcome the inner disturbance caused by hiding your feelings.

Feelings are precious – don’t waste them.