Don’t Quit – Before You Start

Have you ever thought about starting something new? 

Whether it is a hobby, learning a new language, blogging, traveling, or something else. And then you didn’t even start because you thought that what you’re planning to do is just useless, or it doesn’t make sense at all. And then you thought, found reasons to quit that thing, and then you did. So, simple! and wise too. As it shows that you are capable of deciding your priorities.

But what if it was something which actually meant a lot to you, or it was something which you ended even before starting, due to your doubts and fears. 

Many a times, we end the things which we wish to do, not much because of doubts, fears, or critics, but due to the ‘reasonable human’ within us, who  keeps reminding us about our limitations, finds excuses, and asks us to quit – even before we start.

But remember one thing that:

We shall never know what we can do, until we do it

 Believe me you! each time we decide to not do something and find a good reason to quit it, we lose an opportunity to learn something new, and unknowingly close the new doors of success, even before knocking them. Maybe, there is something that you are willing to do. And if you are doing it, great! and if not, then do it. 

Try doing it once, just like we need to jump inside water without knowing to swim, so that we can swim. But will you ever know that can you swim, if you don’t even enter the water?
It is somewhat like that only.

And for some time, focus on:

Finding excuses to do it, instead of finding excuses to not do it 
• Silencing the ‘reasonable human’ within you for some time, and dare to be unreasonable
• Searching for a few right reasons to hold on and not quit, instead of trying to prove your decisions wrong
• Thinking about its benefits, and ask yourself that why you wanted to do it, even if it seems silly
• Finding time for it from the 24 hours that you get, and try to be consistent.

And in the end:

“Don’t try to quit it after starting it”. Because this is how you should be going on the paths that you pursue, ‘without quitting’ and trusting yourself.

 And If you are in the other tribe,
• Who have an urge to start something,
• Know about what they want to do,
• Just need a green signal to be sure about what they want to do,
• Yet, are a bit unsure and don’t believe in themselves,
• Who are thinking too much, 

Then I have only one word for you,


• You’ll keep thinking for a long time, and won’t do it, until you ultimately do it! but after a long time,
• You won’t know whether you really want to do that ‘thing’,
• You won’t know if you are capable enough, or worth it according to you,
• You will again and again go in circles, and keep thinking about your decisions.

 So, the best way to move on is by learning new things, instead of thinking about ‘why you should not do them’.

Conclusion: If you are thinking about doing something new, then do it! Don’t try to find reasons to not do it, or to quit it.
 You’ll know what you can do, and want to do, only after doing it.

May God bless all!  🙂