Dying This Way

If we were to drop dead right now, we’d leave behind a lot of incomplete stuff. Most people would. What becomes of us after that? 

Nobody knows. 

But at that very instance, the desire, the thread that binds us with the rest of the world would dissolve and leave behind some lingering signs of our existence. 

Our traces would leave something to reminisce about for others 

But our memories disappear in ether for nobody else to be found out. Nobody would connect with our belongings as sincerely as we do, either. 

However, there would only be some noticeable traces, the signs that will tell others about our presence, like: 

  • Dusty books, half-read, tucked with bookmarks
  • Untouched Netflix and YouTube watchlists 
  • Unsaid words, concealed for too long
  • Hopeful plans, never executed
  • To-do lists, exciting and dull
  • Memories in hard disk, not revisited
  • Password-protected photo albums
  • Unfulfilled promises
  • Meetup plans pushed to ‘later’ 
  • Disorganized desks and vacant chairs
  • Journals inked with our words

Sounds sad? Sounds sad. 

Yet I see this possibility as a reminder of how we could be making the most out of the time that we’ve got left here. Our being here matters more to us. 

Ideally, we could attempt to live in a way so that our hearts are always fuller…and our lives not as incomplete. Or maybe we’ll continue to think wisely and act foolishly as usual.