Finding an Outside Perspective

Remaining stuck in our routines and usual worries traps us by stagnating our imagination and limiting our thoughts.

Hence, it becomes extremely important to break free from sameness because our frame of mind also designs our outlook towards life.

This ‘breaking free’ only occurs when we find a change. Hopefully, that change can come in many ways.

How outside perspectives help

We follow patterns, live by certain principles, or hold beliefs that work for us – which works fine mostly. But we find ourselves helpless when they don’t.

At such time, we must let go of these patterns to discover different perspectives through which solutions seem possible and we can witness everything from a higher plane.

That’s what an outside perspective is

It’s like looking at yourself with a stranger’s eyes. Or quite like taking a bird’s eye look at all that’s happening in your life. You go beyond trivialities to briefly observe everything that you do – without getting involved.

Soon, your problems seem solvable and solutions for life’s problems pop-up out of nowhere. The whole world feels like a teacher when you choose not to lament and rather seek several angles of approaching various situations in your life.

An outsider perspective can come from the company of people who don’t take life that seriously. Or by visiting places that makes your worries seem petty and remind you of this world’s vastness, like an ocean or a mountain. Books, too, can help you go beyond your horizons.

Then what?

You may find yourself saying “What was all this fuss about?” It’s easier to understand any aspect of life when you step out of it.