From Wherever You Are

Whatever you want to start or however you want to feel – it must begin from where you are now.


You may wait for too long and realize that you were deluding yourself all along – that’s when you may feel that the waiting wasn’t worth it.

Here’s a truth

People often wait until they become wealthy enough to have healthy self-esteem or they wait to get some big qualification to feel confident.

They’re obsessed with completing such milestones, hoping that doing so will bring their desired feelings, or create the idealized version of themselves.

But does that happen?

In some cases, yes.

But most of the time people realize that they’d created an unnecessary criterion that had nothing to do with what their honest wish was.

They wait to reach “places” that have no relation with their genuine intentions.

For example, they desire awards to feel happy at their work, even though satisfaction and accolades aren’t so related.

They may crave a certain job title to be taken seriously, only to realize that the title has no charm of its own.

It’s common

We often put barriers for ourselves and limit the chances of other possibilities, which isn’t an ideal thing to do.

In my case, I used to have doubts about writing like “who am I to share my views, yet?” I wasn’t earning six figures then and I still don’t.

But I decided to play my part anyway.

I’ve been blogging for six years now, and I feel damn good about it, regardless of outcomes. I started from wherever I was with some genuine and raw intentions – just like I should’ve.