15 Simple Ways to Connect With Nature Again

How to Connect With Nature

As we’re getting involved in leading a sedentary lifestyle, we’re also losing our touch with the earth. It’s only after we step out of our usual routines that we recognize what we had been missing.

For instance, I was in my hometown recently and felt a longing being fulfilled. I realized it had been a long time since I did activities that connected me with nature. I saw six shooting stars before sleeping, sat at the farm, and went to the ancestral well that my family owns.

Although those things are rare in cities, yet, I thought I’d simply explore and jot down a handful of ideas anyone can use to connect with nature again. So here we go.

Here’s a quick list of ways you can use to connect with nature again

1. Walk barefoot – on the grass in your lawn or at a beach near you. Let the soil smear your feet.

2. Climb a tree – even if you’re a grown-up. If you can’t, then hug one and sit beneath its shadow.

3. Bath in a lake or river – dip yourself inside the chlorine-free water that comes flowing from glaciers and rains.

4. Lie down on grass – under the calm shadows of trees and do nothing.

5. Pick fruits from a tree – or certain vegetables and eat them raw (no, it isn’t gross).

6. Play with animals – spend a while on a farm, see some birds, observe the insects, or pamper the animals.

7. Eat something pure – and consume the fresh produce that doesn’t contain any preservatives.

8. Cook outside – without any artificial ingredients, possibly on a campfire.

9. Abandon tech – put your phone aside and don’t open the lid of your laptop. Just be.

10. Soak in the sun – lie on the top of the roof and feel the warmth of the sunlight touching your skin.

11. Get wet in the rain – instead of running away from it once in a while.

12. Smell the flowers – and the others fragrances that exist in your natural surroundings.

13. See the stars – from a place where the sky isn’t covered by smog and is crystal clear.

14. Buy handicraft items – like earthenware or artistic pieces which don’t consist of plastic or other artificial material.

15. Bring plants – and grow them in your balcony or office. It’s another way to keep nature close to you.

That’s all.

Also, you might want to try out what works for you, based on the kind place you live in, or the lifestyle that you have. It’s all about preserving your bond with the environment.

Got some more ideas? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.