How to Do What You Keep Delaying

How to Do What You Keep Delaying

“The real way to complete something, I’ve realized, is to actually do it. Sometimes, there are really no hacks or smart ways.”

What is it that you’ve been skipping and avoiding since days, or maybe, weeks?

I’m probably not the hardest worker and I’ve been putting aside a lot of work recently – like, writing, assignments, and certain changes I’ve been trying to implement in life, such as meditation and reading more.

I’ve been daydreaming about that perfect day when I’d be able to complete most of those activities – it hasn’t happened yet.

I mean, I’ve been doing some of these, but it’s not a perfect scenario. It’s the usual tripping and falling and trying again.

Why does this happen? I think I know a bit about it.

Here’s the problem

We’ve got used to “imagining the final result” instead of patiently going through the process and taking small steps.

So we subconsciously convince ourselves that we’ll do what we want to do, even if not now, but someday in future.

The result? Nothing happens.

What makes us start?

So, what is it that we can really do to accomplish the work that we keep delaying due to procrastination or some other reasons?

Here’sthe answer: DO IT.

Don’t daydream, plan, or think … but actually do it.

  • Want to join a gym? Join a gym. 
  • Want to write? Write.
  • Want to meditate? Meditate.  

There are no answers to your “How can I do it …?” or “I’ve been thinking about doing it,” because there will always be plenty of problems to stop you.

You’ll never be ready. The right time will always seem to be in the future. Imperfect situations will keep holding you back.

I know, it’s hard.

Still, the best you can do is to shake-off what’s holding you back, withdraw the resistance, and start somewhere.

And if starting seems hard …

Well, if starting suddenly overwhelms you, then there’s a finer way to go about it – start small. Think of the smallest thing you can do and begin from there.

No pressure, nothing to be anxious about, just some little steps. Do it for long enough and you’d be surprised to see how much you’ve accomplished.

Don’t get into the complexities. Want to do something? Do it.