Is It True That Only Those Who Suffer, Succeed?

Does the same question arise in your head whenever you think of your idols or any other successful icon?

Isn’t it attention grabbing that most of the successful people who had achieved unimaginable things, were once badly going through a lot of sufferings? 

Most of the time it seems like only those have suffered enough, deserve to succeed. Because, whenever I learn about those great people and read stories about them, the one thing which I find common among them all is that,

‘They all were badly damned!’

Yes! Really badly. Not all, but most of them. Have a close look at the lives of any of them. They all have failed bitterly, suffered too much, lost a lot and yet kept moving on to achieve their dreams. Wow! Just love the way they do it like superheroes.

Let me introduce to you some of these people:

• Charles Dickens – His story is enough to wet your eyes. This world famous novelist once worked in a bottle factory where he had the job of sticking labels on bottles. But somewhere deep inside his heart he had a dream of becoming a writer which he felt timid to express. He silently wrote whenever he got time and then mailed his writings to publishers at night so that no one would come to know about it, or get a chance pull him down.
Masterpieces were created by him like,
‘David Copperfield’,’A Christmas Carol’ and several other beautiful creations.

• Sylvester Stallone – You must be aware of this Hollywood guy. Even if not, then just consider the fact that he’s among those few people who rule the Hollywood.
This person who is always under the limelight, once had to sell his wife’s jewellery. Now you can imagine that what kind of circumstances forced him do so. Bad? Not yet…
He even had to sell his dearest pet dog which he later purchased back from the person to whom he had sold it, from the paycheck which he got for the script of ‘Rocky’ – his first movie.
• Eminem – Now don’t tell me that you’re not aware of the ‘Rap God.’
His supersonic speed of rapping and unique identity has earned him millions of fans all over the globe. But he too had been damned fellow. He uses the lyrics of his songs as a medium for expressing his pains and even abuses a lot.
When he was a boy, he was beaten by a schoolyard bully so badly that he was in a coma for a week.
Eminem dropped out of school after failing 9th grade 3 times, because he skipped school too many times to battle kids on the streets. He had got a reason for doing that.
Eminem ‘s father abandoned him when he was just an 18 month old baby and he had minimal contact with him since then. There were even several other situations when he kept getting bumps in his earlier life.

But not only these above mentioned people. There are many others who had their own ‘sad side’ in their life, like Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Stephen King, A.R.Rahman and many others.

But wait…

We too want to be like those people achieve our dreams, do great things and all.
But when we look unto ourselves, it feels like,

“Shea! I haven’t suffered enough. Neither I’ve faced a heartbreak and nor I’ve gone bankrupt. I don’t even have an antagonist in my story. I have a simple ordinary life, then how the hell do I become a legend,”

It turns out to be much like,
“Oh God! Please do whatever kind of experiments you want to do on me but do it. Please, make me great.”

So, if you feel the same or even not, no worries then. Because there were even many people who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, lived a fine life, didn’t suffer pangs of hunger, weren’t among the middle class ordinary people, and yet tasted success.
Some people of this kind are Ruskin Bond, Mahatma Gandhi and many other people of their class.

So what is it that makes a difference:

So here is a piece of wisdom, which you shouldn’t forget. I’ve really thought a lot over this and then arrived on this simple conclusion,

“Those who don’t want to suffer, try. And those who don’t want to try, suffer”

Yup! This is the whole truth.

We focus more on the sufferings of ‘those people,’ instead of their hard attempts and work.

The truth is that the intensity to which they suffered wasn’t acceptable, and then they decided to escape their nightmares by trying.

You’ve probably seen many beggars, laborers or sufferers. There are a plenty of them too. But have they all become legends? Nope!

Just because maybe they don’t want to try, or are satisfied with the hell they’re living in. And maybe there are some people who are really helpless, but I’m not mentioning them.
There are also some kind of spoiled fellows who are enough to ruin all their ancestral wealth and reputation.

So you see, that the way they were born or lived didn’t make a difference. But the way they tried, did. The more they tried, the easier it became.


No matter what you are, who you are, or where you are. No matter whether have you suffered or not.  What matters is that how much try. The more you’ll try, the closer you’ll get to your dreams. The results and your becoming a legend is something that may vary. But since you’ll keep trying, you won’t feel the guilt as you’ll have already done your bit and the remaining things will be something that won’t be in your control.
So, even if you’ve failed. At least you tried.
Above all ‘TRY!’

May God bless all! 🙂

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