Most Life Lessons Are Probably Wrong

We can try to be clever – but life smoothly beats us at every game.

By the way, I’m not hinting that we’re all puppets of fate or we’re destined to meet weird consequences, or that we can control nothing. Nope, I’m not going into that zone.

Rather, I mean to put light on how we spend years of our lives wanting to accumulate some “secrets” or templates that we hope must work for us to lead better lives.

Since we’re malleable (basically, we evolve several times in a lifetime), we fill our minds with philosophies and ideas, which ultimately form our character.

We finally believe we’re prepared to stand the uncertainties and resiliently go through life.

But are we?

By the time we have mastered our old and wise ways, life changes … and so we start again.

We go on but we don’t stop because we do get better at a ton of things, and we refuse to believe that we can be controlled.

Life can only be lived

Even with all that smartness, life is ordinary and the same for most of us. We can’t whip out our universal ways whenever we’re in trouble.

But we can do other stuff.

We can decide each day what we want to invest our time and energy in, or we can decide how we’ll respond to the stimulus that we come across.

This ability to choose, this spontaneity, decides what our life can be like the smart stuff fails. But that’s not even some lesson – we’re only busy living and moving.