The Only Lessons We Remember in Life

The Only Lessons We Remember in Life

“If there’s one life-tip I believe in, only one, then it’s this: the only lessons we remember in life are the ones we teach ourselves. Everything else is trivial.”

Because the wisdom we crave, eventually, doesn’t come from somewhere outside but from within us, based on our perceptions about life. All other fluff is pointless.

The knowledge you gather from books fades away. The advice of life coaches is a clichéd soliloquy. Those TED Talks can cheer you but solve nothing. Browsing the internet could be naive.

We’re bad at remembering any advice and don’t always practice what we learn. It’s not problematic; it’s human. Yet, there’s another reliable way to improve.

Learning through experiences

We make mistakes and undergo various experiences in life. As our circumstances change, we pick new ways to deal with the ups and downs in life. Still, over time, we end up learning some valuable lessons.   

The past makes sense. You easily distinguish what’s right or wrong. You understand yourself better. Meanwhile, you evolve and find it easier to figure out things in life.

The transformation is essential

As you change over time, you adapt yourself to whatever affects you and define some fundamental truths to live by. Your lessons stay with you because you’ve lived them firsthand, instead of listening to somebody preaching them.

Those lessons are enough to learn what’s valuable

Here’s the thing.

We’ve got relationships to fix, pains to overcome, debts to pay, dreams to conquer. Still, we go on. In the end, it’s the real life that we’re dealing with, not some fantasy, so we can’t go on without being really honest to ourselves.

So seeking answers within works.

That excruciating breakup, shameful failure, unforgettable setback, or dirty betrayal can teach you more than anything or anyone can. Similarly, your little accomplishments, consistent efforts, and trails can help you understand a thing or two about success and happiness.

Although we seek answers outside or hunt for shortcuts, we gradually realize they don’t exist. It’s only then that we understand and appreciate the value of lessons we learn through our experiences.

They last.

And they’re almost unforgettable.


Trust the life you’ve lived, your lessons. And whenever you feel lost or wonder where you can find the answers, look within. They’re right there.