Like a Bottle Opener

People are bottled up with emotions. They contain stories and feelings waiting to pour out.

And when you care enough to be curious and stir them – they express what they have been carrying and give you a peek into their true selves.  

Isn’t it a superpower of sorts?

People often play it safe and have their guards on – as they wear a coat of pretense, hide their real selves, and live to match others’ expectations instead.  

But when you start conversations about them with some genuine interest – their eyes light up.  

Then they talk about how they feel, what their wishes are, how they look at things, and share memorable instances from their life. Or sometimes, they reveal their fears and sadness and find momentary comfort in emptying their thoughts.

That’s all it takes to break some glass walls and bring out the best in people. You start with small talk and end with deep, soul-nourishing conversations.  

And it seems worth it

It’s exciting to me and it always will be.  

A simple conversation can make you look at a person differently, teach you a life lesson, or leave you with philosophical food for thought. But only if you care enough to make them open up.

Like a bottle opener.