Lost and Found

The chaos and turmoil around us blur our innermost selves. We roam mindlessly, forgetting our purpose, and denying our hunches as we get carried away by unchanging days.

This self-neglect and passive approach can last until a point where we start forgetting who we really are. But certain moments, memories, or impulses remind us of who we had set out to become. We find lost clues of our forgotten wishes and goals.

Decades-old music, pieces of lost journals, or perhaps through a faint nostalgic feeling we rediscover ourselves and find what we’d been missing.

This realization often comes with a sigh of relief, when you may excitedly breathe and think “Heck, this is who I was. This is who I am. And why did ever forget this?”

As if you had been lost for a long time.

And as if you finally found yourself, yet again.