Maybe Don’t Ask the Masters

As beginners, we chase, imitate, and idolize the masters in our respective fields. But do the leaders still relate to the struggles of being a beginner?

After passing years of working, it’s likely that people forget what they had gone through. They might not even recall their tiniest struggles as they cross tens and hundreds of milestones.

Sure, they’re at a stage where they can pass on invaluable knowledge to you. At their core, they might still be who they were.

But in most cases, they’ll think of your struggles as trivial and overlook many of your problems while giving you advice when you reach out to them – that makes you clueless.

So, what do you do when the masters don’t understand you?

Well, you’re as likely to learn from your peers as much you can learn from those that you idolize – from those who walk along with you, or those who are in the same boat as you.