How to Live a Memorable Life

When I grow old and look back at life, I want to be smiling.

I fear losing life meaninglessly.

This thought dreads me somewhere inside. I don’t want to look back and feel like I could’ve lived more. I want every moment to matter.

I didn’t know how

I don’t know where the days and years disappeared. A part of my past still feels blank, like a plain white paper.

That makes me wonder like a wide-eyed child.

We remember some moments of life whereas the rest of them…just pass. In a blink. You have no memory of them.

I wished for a beautiful life I could remember.

I didn’t know how.

Now I believe in a little truth about life

You remember the experiences that you go through. Often the odd ones.

You might not remember doing your daily chores. They feel anew for a while, but soon they begin to seem ‘normal.’

Controlling life and doing what you wish might seem comforting, but opposite to it, life feels good when it’s unpredictable and filled with ups and downs.

Life’s supposed to be versatile.

Growing each day, creating a better you, and collecting sweet moments you can feel proud about – that’s what you can try doing. That makes life less monotonous.

Life’s disappointing when it’s stagnant. You only feel alive when you’re moving.

What makes life memorable?


The good, the bad, the random ones, and those you plan for yourself. You get a life worth remembering when you gather enough of them.

Whatever feels beautiful, lasts for a lifetime. You get stories to tell. You can recall how you had spent your life going through experiences.

All your experiences turn out to be valuable in the end. 

Some will teach you, some will make you happy and some will make you wiser – but if you have them, your life becomes a memorable one.

How you can live a memorable life

Change your life.

Experience something new.

That’s enough to live a life that’s filled with memories.

The change doesn’t have to be big

A memorable life doesn’t demand a big change – because it’s more about how your experiences make you feel, rather than what they are.

For instance, even an exciting and adventurous activity like space travel can bore you. That’s why astronauts play video games in space.

Opposite to this, an evening spent gazing at the stars with your family can last forever in your heart. Because it matters to you.

So it’s not about what you do.

It’s about how you feel.

What kind of change?

Do something different than the life you’re living. That’s the secret to making your life memorable.

You might think about how.

Take your family out for dinner, if it’s something rare. You’ll remember the evening. However, if you’ve been dining outside, then choose to cook and dine at home instead. It would be fulfilling.

Donate a sum of money anonymously for a cause, if contributing to good makes you happy. Although others won’t notice it, you’ll feel the joy.

If you visit the park usually, then go to the beach or some other place in your vicinity. It will break the repetitive manner of your life.

Call your old friends and plan a meetup. Spend an afternoon talking about your past and laughing. It can be more precious than you think.

There are lots of ways.

The basic step is to break the dullness of your life that makes each day alike and ordinary.

Once you learn to escape it, your life becomes more blissful and memorable than it is.

What makes you smile? What sets you free? What lessens your pains? Do it, live the life you wish for.