When Your Old Work Humiliates You

Your work from five or ten years ago can make you cringe. You might want to think that you were a different person then because owning up your old work can be embarrassing.

The nicer part? You grew because you were an idiot.

Regardless of your vocation, you will make a fool of yourself when you start. There are no cutting corners unless you’re a rare prodigy.

In the long run, you can start early, realize your flaws, grind hard, and get through your idiot phase eventually.

You may still be in the idiot phase

Or call it the ‘learning phase’ if you don’t like that term.

The bigger point is that two years later you may feel weird about whatever you’re doing right now. It doesn’t mean that you judge yourself for not meeting your lofty criteria.

The idiotic work is what leads us to greatness. Most of our masterpieces are a result of the trash that we dare to create. In a way … we’re molding our future selves.