Imperfection Inspires Better Than Greatness

Imperfection Inspires Better Than Greatness

“The pursuit for greatness is demanding and forceful – but imperfection is liberating. It frees us. It leads us.”

I’m sitting at my desk and reading poems. Some poems are critically acclaimed whereas others are raw and ordinary. What I find most inspiring are normal poems.

The awkward bunch of words that don’t necessarily rhyme but still feel beautiful. They don’t paint romanticized lies or pretend with rhetoric. They’re simply whatever they’re – true to themselves and real.

Imperfect things are often inspiring

And inspiring things are imperfect, too.  

What I’ve learned is that although greatness is a fine ideal to have, imperfection is what fills us with courage. And it’s applicable in all the parts of life.

When we decide to be honest to ourselves, even if it makes us vulnerable, we sort of free ourselves from all the falseness. When we see things that aren’t perfect but true, they inspire us.

Imperfection in all forms and everywhere shows honesty, hope, and genuineness – better than greatness ever can. Imperfection inspires because it doesn’t force us but lets us simply be.  

Our idealistic pursuits turn us brittle

When we aim too hard, we become insecure and fearful – so we chase greatness and always try to be right. We imagine ourselves as the heroes we want to become, not as who we are.  

However, doing so also makes us ungrateful. What we have doesn’t appear enough. And we act infallibly because the slightest doubt can pierce our bubble.

We become unrealistic

The pursuit of greatness makes us delusional. We lie about our potential. We refuse to accept that we’re ordinary. The confidence that comes with such pursuit is brittle – it breaks someday or the other.

That’s when our imperfections rescue us

Our incompleteness tells us that we can achieve more. Our weaknesses show us that there’s still space for betterment. Impermanency of life signals that we can always move on.

The truths that we run away from are what we need, and they come disguised as flaws sometimes.

So instead, be imperfect

Maybe you’re an artist and your art sucks. Or you dream to start a business but lack the skills. Even in general life, you have no idea what you’re doing and feel confused.

It’s fine.

We were never meant to be gods. We’re normal humans who can feel sad, lose sometimes, and still go on with hope. We’re all imperfect and we’re all marching, slowly. Eventually, we’ll get there.